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How to store natural buffalo leather sheet



The mat surface should be cleaned regularly with warm water + slightly moistened towel during use, and cowhide products should not be exposed to the sun, washed with water, or baked with fire;
·Do not scratch the leather surface with hard objects or knives;
·Do not use any leather protectant;
The pores, skin lines and scars appearing on this product are naturally formed and do not require special maintenance;
Collection method
Use the correct way to clean the mat when the season is changed. If stains occur, dry the leather surface with a towel and warm water with a little detergent to keep the mat surface hygienic. Put it in a ventilated place to dry, roll the mat facing out, put it in a special packaging bag, and store it in a dry place. The best and easiest way to store it: turn the leather seat over and lay it flat on a mattress without an electric blanket (the smooth side is down and the back of the leather seat is up).