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How to choose a really good silk quilt?


Spring and summer alternate, the temperature during this time will make you feel that summer is coming, the duvet feels hot, and the silk quilt is the most suitable. There is no choice for the mixed silk quilt.
From the online and offline stores, you will see a variety of silk introduced, such as double palace silk, upper cocoon, long silk cotton, tussah silk, silk silk cotton, short silk cotton, fake silk, etc. The price difference between these materials is too great. How to choose between them?
1. First, check the ingredient trademark
The first is to choose a brand silk quilt, whichever has a higher brand reputation. This is because the brand silk quilt will label the product material ingredients in strict accordance with the requirements. ) is relatively possible.
If you see materials such as silk floss and short silk floss, although it is still silk, because of the use of scraps, it may lead to the problem of knotting and yellowing in the later period of use, because of the residual glue rate and oil content of these materials. Relatively high, moisture absorption will turn yellow.
Second, secondly, touch the silk tendons
When you touch the silk quilt, you will find that some places are uneven, and there are some thick ribs or cotton spots. You can see long thick ribs through light, indicating that the silk is made of pupa lining cotton (close to the silkworm pupa layer). This kind of material The oil content itself is relatively high, and the experience is not as good as double palace silk or cocoon silk cotton. Of course, it is also possible that the silk cotton drawing process is not good enough.
Third, again, press the silk elastic
A core indicator of silk quilt is the compression resilience of the silk quilt. This indicator evaluates the softness and bulkiness of the silk quilt. If the compression rate is high and the recovery is good, it means that the silk quilt is of high quality. This bed of silk is folded up and pressed with your hand to feel how the silk quilt is compressed and resilient.
Fourth, finally, smell the smell of silk
Silk quilt has a faint smell of silkworm chrysalis, which is a unique smell of natural protein fibers, so silk is not completely odorless, especially fresh silk. However, if you smell a pungent smell such as a heavy sour smell and a rotten smell, it means that the silk may be made of scraps and other materials, and you need to buy it carefully.